HoneyBook Contact Form Not Working

Troubleshoot your embedded HoneyBook form

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HoneyBook is a great third party contact form to use for your Showit site. If yours is not working, there are a few things you can check on below.


Embedded Form Not Showing

Make sure your embed code is not:

Embedding a Honeybook form in one of these ways can cause your contact form to break and not show up on your live site.

Send Button Not Linking to the Thank You Page

If you are wanting the "Send" button to go to a "Thank You" page or canvas, you will need to add the URL to that button when creating your code in Honeybook. Make sure it is the full URL. If you need help creating that custom URL, click here.

If that it is still not taking you to the "Thank You" page or canvas, then reach out to the Showit Support Team and make sure that your SSL certificate is active.

More Info on Embedding HoneyBook Forms

For more information on embedding HoneyBook into your Showit site, click here.

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