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Embed Iris forms directly into your Showit site

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Embedding your Iris Works forms into your Showit site is simple.

From your Iris Works dashboard choose My Settings in the top right corner, then select studio from the drop-down menu.

Next choose Leads Page on the left side of the screen. 

Configure your Leads Page form to your liking and below you will see a preview of your form. Below that form preview, you will see an embed code on the right side of the screen. 

Copy this code for use in your Showit site.

Once you have your form embed code copied head over to the Showit Design App, select the canvas you want to add the form to, and choose the Embed Code option in the Bottom Toolbar as shown below.

Then, click inside the "custom code" box in the Properties Panel on the right. Here you will be able to paste your Iris Works embed code into the box that pops up. Finally, choose to save.

Still need help? Learn more about using embed codes in Showit.

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