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Embed Dubsado forms directly into your Showit site

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Embedding your Dubsado forms into your Showit site is simple!

Note: Having problems with your form being cut off or needing to scroll to see it all? Here is how to fix it!

Getting Started

First, log into your Dubsado dashboard and select forms from the templates dropdown. If you already have forms created, select the one you want to embed.

In your template library, choose the lead capture form.

Design Your Form

Create and style out your form as desired with the tools found to the right of the form preview. Make sure to also dial in your settings in the form creator before clicking the share button on your form.

Add Your Form to Showit

Clicking the share button will take you to this pop-out window where you can copy your form iframe code which you'll need to add to your Showit site.

Once you have the embed code for your form copied, head over to the Showit Design App, select the canvas you want to add the form to, click on the Element Icon in the Bottom Toolbar.

Then click inside the Custom Code box in the right side Properties Panel and paste your code in the pop up window. Then click Save.

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