Embedding Widgets

Embed third party widgets like custom contact forms, newsletters and more in your Showit site

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You can embed code directly into the body of your Showit site. This kind of HTML is most commonly used for adding widgets such as third party contact forms, opt-in newsletters, and buy buttons.

HTML Body Code

After generating an embed code from the widget or form you are wanting to add to your Showit site, head over to the Design App and choose the canvas that you would like to add your embed code to. With the canvas selected, choose the Element Icon in the Bottom Toolbar, and then choose the Embed Code option.

Where to Insert Your Body Code

Once you've added this box to your canvas, you will see the Embed Info tab at the top of the Properties Panel on the right. If you don't see this tab, click on the embed code box first.

In this tab, click on the Custom Code box, paste the embed code from your widget or form into the custom code field and choose to Save. Then, set the dimensions by clicking and dragging the corners of the embed, and style out the canvas area around your widget or form to your liking and you are all set!

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