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Embed HoneyBook forms directly into your Showit site

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You can embed a HoneyBook contact form into a Showit site!

HoneyBook offers tools to help creatives manage their business. One of the tools they offer is a contact form that can be embedded into your site so that all of that information can arrive directly into your studio dashboard.

Create Your HoneyBook Contact Form

Once you have logged in to your HoneyBook account, choose the option to configure your contact form.

The default contact form template will have a few standard options that you can choose to discard or make changes to, including picking a variety of options like multiple choice questions, drop down menus and more.

You can adjust the look of the form including fonts and colors—by clicking the Design icon in the left sidebar.

Assign a Custom URL for a Thank You Message

In Honeybook you will have the option to decide how you would like to display a thank you message after your contact form has been filled out and submitted. You can either use the default thank you message that is built in to the Honeybook contact form, or you can have the submit button redirect to a custom thank you message that you have designed in Showit.

To set a custom URL for a thank you message, click on the Settings icon in Honeybook while editing your contact form.

Then select the "Your own custom URL" option and type the URL for your thank you message.

To create a URL link to a specific page, canvas or canvas view for your thank you message, you can follow the steps in this article.

Embed Your HoneyBook Form in Showit

When you're happy with the form you've created, click Publish and click to copy the provided code.

In the Design App, add an Embed Code widget to the canvas you want your contact form added to.

Note: A Honeybook form cannot be added to a Site Canvas or to a Canvas View, it must be added to a page canvas.

Click on the newly added embed code box that appears, and paste the code from HoneyBook into the Custom Code box in the right side Properties Panel.

And finally, resize the widget to fit the full form on both the mobile and desktop layouts, checking in preview to make sure that the contact form fits your live page as desired.

Preview your site and fill out and submit a test form to confirm the message is received in your HoneyBook account.

Enjoy your new Honeybook form!

HoneyBook Contact Form Not Working

If you are having issues with your HoneyBook contact form, or if it's not working, check out this article here.

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