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Using Site Canvases

Share site canvases across multiple pages for quick editing

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The site canvas feature allows you to create a canvas that can be shared across multiple pages of your site. This is great for creating a canvas that you’d like to be on each page of your site like a navigation header or footer.

Site canvases are best used for repeating sections across multiple pages like:

How Site Canvases Work

  • The design elements on the Site Canvas (images, text, graphics) WILL update across all instances of the Site Canvas.

  • The canvas settings in the Properties Panel on the right (ie. stacking order, sticky) are page specific and WILL NOT update any instances of the Site Canvas that are already in use on a page. These settings are the "defaults" that will be used whenever that Site Canvas is added to a page. Once it's added to a page those settings in the right sidebar are specific to how the canvas will act on that page.

Adjusting Site Canvas Settings

Site canvases have two layers of settings. The first layer of settings is the page specific settings that will not update across every page. These are the settings located before clicking the blue edit button. You will still be able to see the full page design and striped canvas when editing these settings. Hidden to start, sticky, and stacking order are the main settings located here that will not update across the site when changed.

The second layer of settings is found after clicking the blue edit button when you are viewing the site canvas alone. These settings are the site-wide settings that when changed will update across the entire site when changed. Both layers of settings need to be set with matching settings in order to work properly.

Site Canvas Sets

You can quickly create sets of Site Canvases and add them to your pages with Site Canvas Sets.

You can find out how to set up and use Site Canvas Sets in this article here.

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