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Edit or add a new text box in your design

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Learn the basics of adding text boxes and editing text in your Showit site.

If you haven't yet visited our learning hub we highly suggest starting there to build the foundational knowledge you need to launch the site of your dreams with Showit!

Adding a Text Box

  1. Click to select the canvas you want to add your text box to.

  2. Hover over the Text Box icon in the Bottom Toolbar of the Showit Design App.

  3. Select which type of Text Box you want to add. You can set the settings for each type of text box (Title, Heading, Subheading, and Paragraph) inside of the Design Settings tab on the left side Site Panel in Showit.

After adding a text box to a canvas you can make adjustments to the size of the text box by dragging the corner of the box. You can adjust the font, font size, and various other attributes in the Properties panel on the right side of your screen.

Editing a Text Box

Simply locate the text box you want to edit in your design and double click inside of the box to begin editing the text.

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