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How the Sticky Setting Works
How the Sticky Setting Works

How to use the sticky setting on canvases within your Showit site

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Why Use Sticky?

The sticky setting helps you keep promotions, banners, spots left to register for events, headers, menus, etc. all in a convenient place where your customer (or potential customer) can view them.

The Five "Sticky" Options

Stacking Order

The sticky settings work in conjunction with stacking order. Sticky helps bring things to the bottom or top of the screen, but the stacking order helps the header, menu, etc. stand out in front of the other canvases.

The Offset Setting

This option allows you to set the space of the canvas off of the top or bottom by a determined amount. This is helpful if you have multiple canvases that stack at the top or bottom that need to be offset from each other.

Note: When using Sticky > Top on a top navigation menu, it may be helpful to also create a buffer canvas of the same height at the top of the page to avoid overlapping the top of your next canvas down.

Sticky to Top

This option has no regard for personal space and will have your canvas sit on top of the canvas just below it.

Here's an example using one of our templates:

Sticky to Top on Scroll

Unless you make additional room on your canvas to account for the Sticky to "Top" canvas, I suggest using Sticky to "Top on scroll." This option allows the sticky canvas to have it's own space if you have an awesome hero image you want to display without the menu being in the way.

You can also use this to have a stationary menu canvas that remains in one spot until you scroll past it.

Sticky to Bottom

The Sticky to "Bottom" setting always keeps your canvas in view at the bottom of the screen!

Sticky to Bottom on Scroll

"Bottom on Scroll" allows the canvas to stick to the bottom as you scroll until it reaches it's place in your canvas order.

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