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Stacking Order for Elements and Canvases
Stacking Order for Elements and Canvases

Stacking order for design elements & canvases in Showit

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Stacking order refers to an item's ability to stack on top of another item. If the item's stacking order is higher, it will rest on top. Stacking Order in Showit can be adjusted for both design elements and canvases.

Stacking Order for Design Elements

The stacking order for design elements within a canvas is denoted by the order in which they are listed in the left side Site Panel.

When you add a new element to a canvas it will automatically have the highest stacking order in that canvas, resting at the top of the list of design elements within the canvas. If you would like to adjust the stacking order, you can do so by clicking and dragging the element in the left side Site Panel.

You can use element stacking to add creative depth or creative design to your website. 

Stacking Order for Canvases

The stacking order of canvases allows you to adjust how canvases are layered in relation to each other. This is used to layer canvases with the Sticky setting above or below the other canvases on a page.

By default, the stacking order of canvases within templates is set to function without requiring adjustment. However, if you are adding a new menu canvas you may need to set or adjust the stacking order of the menu canvas so that it displays above the other canvases on your page.

Note: Most canvases have a stacking order of 1, so menu canvases typically only need to be set one number higher.

As a rule of thumb to avoid over-complicating the stacking order numbers, use the lowest possible number to achieve the functionality you are looking for. Excessively setting the stacking order too high can complicate troubleshooting or editing options for your design.

The stacking order setting for your canvases can be found in the right side Properties Panel under the Canvas tab when your canvas is selected.

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