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Add a shape element to be used in your design

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Adding a versatile shape to your Showit site is easy. Shapes can be used to delineate, as borders, banners, headers, or as a slew of other design elements.

Add a New Shape

First be sure to select the canvas you wish to add your shape to. Then hover over the Element Icon in the Bottom Toolbar of the Design App and choose the rectangle option to add the shape to your selected canvas.

Customize Your Shape

Once this rectangle has been added you can customize it in a variety of ways to get the perfect shape for your design. You can resize and position your shape wherever you would like on the canvas by clicking and dragging.

You can further customize this shape by adjusting specific settings by clicking on your new shape and navigating to the right side Properties Panel and selecting either the Shape Style tab or the Effects tab.

Shape Style Tab

The Shape Style tab will allow you to make changes to the style of the shape independently between the Desktop and Mobile layout. These options include:

  • Setting your shape to have either a solid color or gradient

  • Changing the color and opacity

  • setting a border size

  • setting a border color and setting border opacity

Effects Tab

The Effects tab will allow you to adjust the opacity, set a Drop Shadow, and make precise adjustments to the corners of your shape. You can find out more about the Effects Settings in this article here.

Sync or Split Your Settings

You can customize your shape's settings in your mobile and desktop design independently of each other. Find out more about how to use this function in this article here:

If you haven't visited our learning hub we highly suggest starting there to build the foundational knowledge you need to launch the site of your dreams with Showit!

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