Page vs. Canvas

The differences between a page and a canvas in the Showit platform

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If you haven't already, you may want to see our glossary of terms to get a complete picture of terminology used inside the Showit platform.

Canvases in Showit

A canvas is a section of content on a page. You can add as many canvases as you wish, which act as the building blogs of your page. 

For example, below you can see we are on the home page as shown by the yellow box, the elements in the red box are the canvases that make up that home page. If you click on a canvas it will expand and you will see all of the design elements on that canvas as shown in the green box

Pages in Showit

A page is the sum of all the content on your canvases. So our home page seen below is the page that holds all the canvases and content found on it. It is what will publish to the web and what your viewers will see when on that page. Some designs are a one page scrolling design, while others are a multiple page design. The Simple design used in our example below is a one page scrolling design.

You can add as many pages as you want to any design. Whether you want to add a blank page or a page from another design, the options are endless. You can create the site you want, exactly how you want with Showit.

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