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Scroll Effects for Canvas Backgrounds
Scroll Effects for Canvas Backgrounds

The scroll effect settings for canvas backgrounds and how to use them

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When you set an image or video as a canvas background or as the background of a canvas view on one of the canvases within your Showit site, you will see the option to change the Scroll effect.

Scroll Effects

The scroll effect setting can be found under the canvas background tab once an image or video has been set as the background for a canvas. There are three different Scroll settings to choose from: Scroll With Page, Parallax, and Fixed.

Scroll With Page

This is the default setting for canvas background images and videos. The scroll with page setting will cause your canvas background to move normally with the page as you scroll up and down.


If you've looked up "parallax" on Google, you may have read something about astronomy and object displacement and it has you feeling like this

Simply put, the parallax scroll effect in Showit will allow your canvas background image or video to scroll with the page at a slightly slower rate, giving your web pages fun and eye catching movement.


The fixed scroll effect will have your canvas background images and videos stay exactly where they are, letting the other canvases pass over them as you scroll.

Scroll Actions

For setting scroll actions such as triggers for your Showit site, see this article:

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