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Adding a Page From Another Design
Adding a Page From Another Design

How to add a new page from your design or from any of the free templates available in Showit.

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Whether you want to build out your site with a page from a different template or you accidentally deleted one of the pages in your template and you'd like to add it back, adding a new page to your site is super easy!

Adding A Page From Another Design

To add a page from another design, simply go to the Site Tab, click the + icon next to Pages and choose "Add from library." 

You can then choose to add a page from a few different sources.

Current Site

This will allow you to add a page from the site design you are currently working on.

My Sites

From here you can choose to add a page from any design in your account.

My Library

If you've added a purchased design to your account via a share key or by purchasing from the Showit Design Market, you can add a page from there.

Showit Library

You can even choose to add a page to your design from any of the free designs in Showit!

Customizing Your New Page

When adding a page from a different design you can decide whether or not to import the design settings from that page.

Apply My Fonts & Colors

Choosing this option will apply all of your settings from the Design Settings panel to the page you are adding, before you add it to your design.

Use Original Design

This option will keep all of the Design Settings exactly as they were on the original template.

⚠️ A high volume of pages can harm site load speed and performance. You will see the warning below if you near our suggested limits. If you have a specific need for a high volume of pages you can utilize custom WordPress pages or chat our support about your needs so we can further advise!

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