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How to change the opacity, add drop shadows, and round the corners of elements in Showit.

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The Effects settings tab allows you to adjust Opacity, Drop Shadows and Corners on elements such as images, galleries, and shapes.


Any object can have it's opacity adjusted independently between Desktop and Mobile layouts.

Drop Shadows

Most objects support an Outer Shadow. Some objects like Images and Shapes also support an Inner Shadow. For more details see on our article on Drop Shadows.

Corners & Circles

Rounding corners can add a fun dynamic to a design, especially if you try adjusting each corner separately. We have some great presets to help get you started.

  • Straight - The default setting for straight corners.

  • Round - Adjustable by a pixel value with options for adjusting each corners separately. We offer some presets.

  • Ellipse - Apply a full rounding on the object. Square shapes will have a perfect circle appearance.

Additional Examples

Rounding applied to images within a Tiled Gallery under the Gallery Settings:

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