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Use the line tool options to create lines, dashes, and dots easily in your Showit site

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Add lines in a variety of styles to your Showit site!

Adding a Line

To add a line to your design first select the canvas you would like the line added to. Then hover over the Elements Icon in the Bottom Toolbar and choose the Line option.

Line Style Settings

Below are the available settings for the line element.

Line Style

  • Solid

  • Dashes (dash width & spacing adjustable)

  • Dots (dot size and spacing adjustable)


  • Standard color selector

Line Thickness

  • Adjustable slider for thickness.

  • This feature is also available as under Size & Position settings.

End Cap

  • Rounding option available on Solid Lines

Sync or Split Your Line Settings

You can synchronize or split the line style settings between your desktop and mobile site designs. Simply click on the line in your design, then hover over your line's settings under the Line Style tab and click on the three dots that appear to the right. In the drop down menu that appears, choose to Split Mobile & Desktop.

Once you have split your mobile and desktop settings, you will be able to click on a new mobile/desktop icon option to choose to customize your line style settings independently between your mobile and desktop designs.

You can merge these settings again by clicking on the same three dots and choosing to merge using either your Mobile or Desktop settings.

Additional Features for Lines

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