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A keyboard shortcut to copy the format between elements & layouts

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Special Paste allows you to copy/paste the format from one object to another or copy/paste the format on elements between Desktop and Mobile Design.

Note: Special paste works to copy the formatting of elements, not the elements themselves. If you would like to copy and paste the elements themselves, check out this article here.


Element Format > Different Layout:

Copy the shape settings from Desktop to Mobile design on same element.

Elements Format > Same Layout:

Copy the text format settings across multiple text boxes on a menu.

Keyboard Commands

1). Select an element.

Note: If the element is a text box, do not double click to edit the text box. Click on the text once to select the text box.

2). Copy with Command-C (Control-C on PC)

3). Then select the object in the layout (desktop/mobile) you want to paste settings onto.

4). Special Paste with Shift-Command-V (Shift-Control-V on PC).

Settings That Will Transfer Between Similar Elements

Text: Text Style + Hover + Transitions + Effects
Shapes: Shape Style + Hover + Transitions + Effects
Icons: Icon Color + Hover + Transitions + Effects
Gallery: Gallery settings + Hover + Transitions + Effects 

Settings That Will Transfer Between Different Elements

Hover + Transitions + Effects

Special Paste will only transfer settings to one layout at a time. For example, if you want to Special Paste settings to the Desktop and Mobile design of a specific element, you will need to paste once for each layout.

Special Paste is a useful tool for updating text settings across a menu so that the styling and hover action on all of the text boxes match, or when setting up shapes across your Desktop and Mobile designs.

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