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Embed Flodesk forms directly into your Showit site

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If you use Flodesk in your business you can implement one of their beautiful opt-in forms with ease in your Showit site! They've taken the time to write an amazing article showing you exactly how to do that which you can see here:

Once you've copied the code for your form you can embed it straight into your Showit site and you're ready to start collecting emails!

Embed an Inline Form in a Site Canvas

Note: This applies to Site Canvas only.

If you are trying to embed an inline form into a Site Canvas, you will need to remove the Javascript code.

When you have finished customizing your form you will see your Header code that will need to be embedded in each page or your site. This code is fine, and doesn't require any changes.

Under the Inline code section, choose "Advanced options."

From there, choose to "Get raw HTML code."

Then choose to Disable Javascript, and hit continue and you'll have a new inline code that you can paste into your embed widget icon in your Site Canvas!

Common Issues

  • Adding multiple Flodesk forms to a single page can break one or all Flodesk forms on the page.

  • Adding a Flodesk form in a site canvas can cause the form to not display (see fix above.)

  • If your form does not immediately display, try resizing the embed box.

Community Resources

Check out this video from Moreno Collective with more details on embedding your Flodesk form into your Showit site.

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