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How to use the hidden to start canvas setting

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The Hidden to Start setting in Showit is a great tool that can help you add interactivity to your website, allowing you to prevent a canvas from showing until just the right time. You can use this setting to create pop-ups, pop-out menus, drop down menus, clickable galleries, etc.

Video Tutorial

Hidden to Start

To set a canvas as "Hidden to Start," select the canvas and then click on the Canvas tab in the right side Properties Panel. There you can check the box next to Hidden to Start.

Show Canvas

Now that your canvas is hidden, it will not be visible on your live site and you must add an action within your site that will "Show" this hidden canvas or it will remain hidden.

You can create the show action as a scroll action or a click action.

As a Click Action

Add a Show Canvas action as a click action to a clickable element in your site like this:

As a Scroll Action

Allowing your hidden canvas to show itself simply by scrolling down the page is a great way to create pop-ups within your Showit site.

You can follow this tutorial to add a Scroll Action to show a hidden canvas:

Note: Once a hidden canvas has been shown, it won't go away unless it is hidden again by a click action or scroll action.

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