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Sumo, the powerful lead generation tool for designing pop-ups and forms that you can use in your Showit site

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There are many third party options for pop-ups and forms that you can use with your Showit website, but one that we recommend using that works exceptionally well with Showit is Sumo.

Sumo can easily be embedded into your Showit site to generate leads using powerful contact forms with multiple choice options and pop ups that can have unique and customizable triggers.

Video Tutorial

Check out this video tutorial from our friend Davey from daveyandkrista.com

Getting Started with Sumo

To get started with Sumo, you will first want to make sure that you have first created a free account and signed in. When you do so, Sumo will ask for your website's URL. Upon signing in and providing this URL, Sumo will prompt you to copy this HTML code to install Sumo on your Showit site.

If you already have an account, log in to Sumo and it will display a list of Your Sites to choose from. Pick the site that you would like to embed a form or pop up on, and click on the drop down arrow next to the manage button to the right of your site's name. Then, in the drop down that appears, select View Install Code.

Install Sumo on Your Showit Pages

To install this code on your Showit site pages, you want to make sure that you have copied this code from Sumo and head over to the Design App and apply this code to the Custom Head HTML of every page that you would like to use Sumo on.

You can find this by clicking on a page in the left side Site Panel, and then selecting your Advanced Settings tab in the right side Properties Panel. There you can click on Custom Head HTML and embed this code in the pop up box that appears.

Install Sumo on Your WordPress Blog Pages

If you have an Advanced Showit blog subscription, you can easily install Sumo on your WordPress blog by installing the Sumo plugin and signing in.

Simply install the Sumo plugin, activate it, and then find it in your downloaded plugins list. Click on it and you will be prompted to connect your Sumo account. Sign in and select the site that you are wanting to connect to Sumo, and that's it!

Creating a Sumo Contact Form

Now that you have connected your Showit site and blog pages to Sumo, you are ready to start building your Sumo contact form.

Head back to your Sumo account and select the Manage option to the right of the site that you would like to install a contact form on.

From here, click Create Form.

You will then be prompted to design your Sumo contact form. Complete Steps 1 through 3, choosing the Inline Form option on Step 2 to build your contact form.

On Step 4, select the Manual Mode option. You will be given another embed code. Copy this code. The make sure you have published your contact form, by clicking on the Publish button in the bottom right corner.

Note: Your form will not appear on your Showit pages unless you have published your form in Sumo.

Embedding Your Contact Form in Showit

With your new embed code copied, choose a canvas that you would like to add your Sumo contact form to and add an embed widget. Then paste the code in the embed widget box, click Save, and then Publish your design.

You should then be able to go to your live site and see your form in action there!

Creating a Sumo Pop Up

To create a pop up with Sumo, you will need to follow the same steps as above for creating a Contact Form. However, instead of selecting an inline form for your Form Type, you will want to select a pop up form.

You'll notice that on Step 4, you no longer are provided with the extra embed code. That's because you won't need it! Your contact form should work with just the code that you have installed on your Showit pages' Custom Head HTML earlier.

You can now customize your pop up to change when, where and how it displays on your Showit site.

Once you've customized your pop up form, hit the publish button in the bottom right corner of Sumo, and make sure to publish in the Showit Design App and you should see your beautiful new pop up form live on your Showit site!

This pop up should appear on any pages that you have embedded the Custom Head HTML on, or on your blog if you have installed and activated the Sumo WordPress plugin.

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