Set Your Favicon

Learn how to set the site icon that appears in the URL bar in your browser

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A favicon can be set in the Site Settings for your site. It will apply to all pages of your site.

Prepare a Favicon File

Save an image in PNG format, sized 32px X 32px square.

A quick tool is available at or

Add Your Favicon to Showit

  1. Open your site design and in the site panel (left) go to Site tab > Site Settings

  2. Find the Favicon setting and click Choose Image

3. Upload your favicon file (bottom left) and select it

4. You'll see a preview of how it may appear in the browser.

5. Publish to see the change online.

Things to Know

  • Not every browser will display the favicon at all times

  • It may take 24 hours to fully update across web browsers who have already visited your site recently.

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