Set Your Favicon

How to set the site icon that appears in the URL bar in your browser

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A favicon can be set in the Site Settings for your site. It will apply to all pages of your site.

Prepare a Favicon File

To create a favicon, save an image in PNG format, sized 32px X 32px square.

A quick tool is available at

Add Your Favicon to Showit

  1. In the Design App, go to the left side Site Panel and under the Site tab open your Site Settings

  2. Find the Favicon setting and click Choose Image

3. Upload your favicon file (bottom left) and select it

4. You'll see a preview of how it may appear in the browser.

5. Publish to see your new favicon on your pages of your live site!

Things to Know

  • Not every browser will display the favicon at all times

  • It may take 24 hours to fully update across web browsers who have already visited your site recently.

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