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Utilize the undo and redo buttons to correct mistakes during the site building process

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If you mistakenly make an action while building your site you didn't mean to make you can utilize the undo button in Showit to correct that mistake. This may include deleting text, an image, a canvas, or another element you didn't mean to. The undo button must be used immediately after the mistaken change and you must not have exited Showit or refreshed your browser since the deletion.

Note: The only function in Showit that cannot be undone is deleting a page or changes made to a Site Canvas once you exit the site canvas. If you have any questions about this reach out to our Support Pros!

Undo & Redo

The undo and redo button can be found in the bottom right side of the Bottom Toolbar in the Design App, denoted by the arrows shown below with the left facing being undo and the right facing being the redo function.

If you haven't yet visited our learning hub we highly suggest starting there to build the foundational knowledge you need to launch the site of your dreams with Showit!

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