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How to use Powr.io to embed a PayPal button into your Showit site

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Powr.io provides some great options for using a PayPal buy button directly in your site. Check out the details below to see how you can use this widget from Powr to take payments directly on your site via PayPal.

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Written Instructions

1). First, log into your Powr.io account and search the App Library for the PayPal Button option and select that option.

2). Next, under the template tab choose the button type from the options: buy now, donate, or subscribe for recurring payments.

3). Next head to the settings tab, here you'll:

  • Connect your payment account

  • Set an email to receive payment notifications at

  • Configure the Autoresponder Email option as desired

  • Choose a page to redirect your clients to after payment (you can create a specific 'thank you' or 'success' message page in Showit to redirect to!)

4). Moving on to the product tab, here you'll set all of the details for your button. The text, name of the product, amounts, currency, default quantities, and a range of other configuration options for tax, shipping, discounts, and more.

5). Lastly, we have the design tab. Here you can choose from a pre-made button type or use the options at the bottom of this module to customize your button as desired.

6). Once you've dialed in the design of your button click publish. You'll then be taken to this screen where you can copy the code for your button. Either the 'install on a platform' or 'embed with code' option will work. Copy the code as shown below then head back over to Showit.

7). With your code copied, select the canvas you want to add your button to in Showit and choose the embed code option, then simply paste your button code into the custom code box under the embed info tab as shown below.

Your button will load up right inside Showit. You may see a bar above your button where you can edit, this will show on the live site but only to you. You can test your live site in an incognito window to see it as a visitor would and that edit option will not be there for anyone but you, the site owner.

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