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Mobile Navigation Troubleshooting
Mobile Navigation Troubleshooting

Is your mobile navigation not working? Common issues and solutions for your mobile menu.

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Have you created a mobile menu, but nothing happens when you select the hamburger menu icon? Check out these common issues and solutions!

Adding Mobile Navigation Canvas to Your Page

The mobile navigation is made up of 2 canvases, the header that includes your hamburger menu icon and the actual menu canvas. In order for the hamburger icon to open the hidden to start Mobile Nav canvas it must be present on each page.

If you would like for the menu to open on every page of your website, both canvases need to be on each page. Here is how you can easily add your mobile nav canvas to pages on your site.

Have the mobile nav canvas on each page, and still having trouble? Read on!

Check Mobile Navigation Settings

When using a site canvas there are Page Settings and Site Canvas Settings that need to be edited. You will want to be sure that the settings on each page are changed to match the site canvas settings.

Let's break it down!

Page Settings

To edit the Page Settings of your Mobile Nav site canvas, click on the surface of the Mobile Nav canvas without clicking the blue Edit Site Canvas button. The site canvas should have the highest stacking order on the page, be set to sticky to top, and hidden to start.

Now for every page in your site, prior to selecting Edit Site Canvas (or Edit Mobile Nav) you will want to be sure that each of the stacking order, sticky and hidden to start settings match!

Still Having Issues?

If you have made sure that none of the above issues are present in your design and you are still Mobile Nav is still /

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