Can I Connect ShootQ to My Contact Form?

How ShootQ works with Showit

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ShootQ provides two options for receiving information from your potential clients.

  1. You can link directly to the ShootQ contact form URL from a link or button on your site.

  2. You can forward your Showit contact form emails directly to your Lead Creation Email address available in ShootQ (See directions below).

Forward Your Contact Form Emails to ShootQ

  1. Find your unique Lead Creation Email in ShootQ by following their steps

  2. In your email program setup contact form emails to redirect to your unique Lead Creation Email by filtering by emails coming from and including "Website Form Notifier" in the subject line.

  3. Make sure each contact form field on your site has Labels applied that are supported by ShootQ (see below).

Shoot Q Compatible Fields

Here's a list of all the field names and their variations that ShootQ recognizes:

Field Name - Required - Aliases 

First Name - Yes* - Your First Name  

Last Name - Yes* - Your Last Name

Full Name - Yes* - Name, Your Name, Your Full Name, Full Names 

Email Address  - Yes - Your Email, Your Email Address, Email

Work Phone - No - N/A 

Home Phone - No - Your Phone, Phone, Daytime Phone

Cell Phone - No - N/A 

Event Date - No - Date of Event, Shoot Date, Your Event Date,
    Wedding Date, Your Wedding Date, Date, Date of Your Wedding 

Event Type - No - Type of Event, Shoot Type, Type of Shoot, Event, Interested In

Comments - No - Message, Remarks 

 * Either First Name and Last Name, or Full Name is required.

What about Custom Fields?

No problem. You can have custom fields. If ShootQ doesn't recognize a field name (eg. "Your Photography Budget"), the entire email will be available to view in the Correspondence section of the ShootQ message.

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