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Can I Put a Google Form on My Site?
Can I Put a Google Form on My Site?

How to create a Google form and embed it on your Showit site

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Google Forms are easy to create and best of all... Free! You can easily create a form to collect any kind of data on your site. The data is then automatically input into a Google Sheets document on your Google Drive.

Getting Started

To start, open your Google Drive and click "New"

Click "More" and then "Google Forms"

Create & Customize Your Form

This is where you will create and design your form. There are a number of question types and design customizations available. Once you have your form looking the way you'd like, click "Send"

Click the " < > " button and copy the Embed HTML code provided

Embed Your Form

Return to the Showit Design App and select the canvas you want your form on. Click to add an Embed Code from the drop down in the Element Icon in the Bottom Toolbar.

Select the embed widget that is added to your page and click the Custom Code box on the right hand Properties Panel.

Paste the embed code you received from Google in the box that pops up and hit Save.

Resize the bounding box around your embedded form until the entire form is in view. Once you have it sized correctly, take note of the height of the widget on the right hand panel.

Double click the form to edit the Embed Code and change the height number in the code to match the height number you noted above.

Test out your lovely new form and toast to your greatness!

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