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How Do I Transfer My Domain to Showit?
How Do I Transfer My Domain to Showit?

More information about how to use your domain with Showit

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A common question we get is how to transfer your domain to Showit when you're ready to launch your new Showit site in place of your current website.

In short: you don't transfer your domain to Showit.

This is why - we at Showit don't actually host users' domains or emails. We do this to keep things simple for our users, should they ever decide Showit is no longer the best platform for them, we want them to be able to easily transition away instead of having domains and emails all wrapped up in our hosting.

How do I connect my domain to my Showit site?

This process is quite simple, just put in a launch request* and once our team has everything set up on the Showit end, we will provide you with DNS records you add to your domain's DNS records to point the domain to Showit's servers to display your beautiful new site!

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