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What is Included with Showit Hosting?
What is Included with Showit Hosting?

The hosting services included with your Showit subscription

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Your Showit subscription includes hosting of a multitude of things. Here are some additional details about what is and what isn't included with Showit hosting.

What Showit Hosts

Your Showit Site

Showit will host your site directly on our servers. This does not include your custom domain. For more on domains, see "Domains & Domain Registration" below.

Showit Content Files

Showit will host all of your content files. This includes images, text, & PDFs, gifs, custom fonts, and videos for canvas backgrounds.*

Note: Showit hosted video content cannot exceed 8mb, and is only used for background videos. For more on externally hosted video, see "Videos" below.

Blog and Associated Media (For Users With a Blog Subscription)

Your blog posts and all media files supported by WordPress are hosted on the Showit servers.

What Showit Does Not Host

You'll need an outside hosting provider for the following:


Showit does not host email. If you would like to set up a custom email for your Showit site, there are a number of services that provide email hosting that you can use. We recommend using Google Workspace.

Domain Names & Domain Registration

Showit does not host your domain. You will have to purchase a domain from a domain registrar and then connect that domain to your Showit site via DNS records.


Showit does not host video files larger than 8mb. However, you can embed videos from external hosts directly into your site. Video hosts that are supported with Showit include Youtube and Vimeo.

Ready to connect your domain? Learn how to launch your beautiful new site!

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