Will My ProPhoto Theme Work on Showit Hosting?

An article about ProPhoto themes and Showit

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ProPhoto is a website building platform that also uses WordPress to host it's blogs. If you were using ProPhoto and had a WordPress blog, you can migrate that blog to your Showit site.

**Update 4-9-2021**

If you are migrating from a ProPhoto blog to Showit, it's important to note that some content may not transfer as expected. A common example is a ProPhoto gallery. ProPhoto galleries require the use of the ProPhoto theme in order to render and load correctly. Without this theme active, the gallery images will not properly load once transferred to Showit servers.

It's recommended to convert any ProPhoto galleries that might exist within blog posts or pages into standard WordPress galleries. This will help ensure your media loads correctly in those posts or pages after the migration.

⚠️ Showit is unable to convert or restore broken ProPhoto galleries after a migration has taken place. Please convert any ProPhoto galleries prior to submitting a migration request.

**Update 8-6-2018**

Showit will no longer support third-party themes (including ProPhoto) on our platform. As we strive to provide the best optimization possible we have found that third-party themes cause a lot of memory and storage issues and limit our ability to provide the best experience to our users. 

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