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Showit + Advanced Blog Subscription
Showit + Advanced Blog Subscription

Great for current WordPress users or those who want to use WordPress to it's fullest potential

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This Showit + Advanced Blog subscription is the preferred option if you currently have a self-hosted WordPress blog (Using ProPhoto, Divi, or another theme), need to embed custom code in posts, or who need their own choice of plugins.

The Advanced Blog Subscription Plan Includes:

  1. Showit - Access to the Showit platform for designing your website and blog

  2. Hosting - Website and WordPress blog hosting

  3. Advanced WordPress Blog - Supports text, images, video embed, custom embed code, and custom plugins. ( install similar to a self-hosted WordPress)

  4. Advanced Migration - Full transfer from a self-hosted WordPress of all blog posts, images, and comments, custom plugins, and WordPress settings to our servers. (Squarespace or sites only offer a simple migration of posts, images, comments)

  5. Showit Theme - The ability to use your custom Showit blog design inside WordPress

  6. Custom WordPress Plugins -  Access to the WordPress plugin directory and availability to add custom WordPress plugins to your blog, including e-commerce plugins.

  7. FTP access - Available upon request. Recommended only for advanced users who have prior knowledge of their functions.

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