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Which Pricing Plan Do I Need?
Which Pricing Plan Do I Need?

The differences between each of the 3 subscription tiers and how to determine which one you need

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NOTE: Make sure on our Pricing Page you have your desired plan type selected to accurately reflect the cost, use the toggle shown above in red to change between the monthly plan price or the annual plan price.

Tier 1 - Showit

Website-Only Hosting: The Standard Subscription includes access to the Showit platform and hosting for your website and subdomains built with Showit. You are able to make instant changes and updates to your website as needed. This plan does not include a blog.

Tier 2 - Showit + Basic Starter Blog (Most Popular)

Note: Our basic blog plan comes with a set of pre-installed WordPress plugins and no additional plugins can be added on this plan.

Our Showit + Basic Starter Blog subscription is perfect for someone starting a blog or looking to create a new blog.

Website + Blog Hosting: The Basic Blog subscription includes access to the Showit platform and includes hosting for both your website and blog. Your hosted blog is a "managed" blog which means we assist with troubleshooting issues and have a 30-day rolling backup of all your blog files and content. 

This option will enable you with the basic tools you will need to successfully blog and includes access to your custom blog templates created inside Showit. Blog posts support: text, images, Youtube & Vimeo embeds, and the plugins below.

*Migrations are not available for Basic Starter blogs.

Tier 3 - Showit + Advanced Blog

This blog subscription is designed for users who currently have a WordPress, or Squarespace blog that they want to migrate posts from, need to embed custom code in posts, or who need to use their own choice of WordPress plugins.

Website + Blog Hosting + Access to FTP: The With Advanced Blog subscription includes access to the Showit platform and includes hosting for both your website and advanced  hosting for your WordPress blog. If requested you can receive access to FTP for more advanced configurations. 

Additional self-hosted systems like Machform will require this plan to be configured. We provide limited support with troubleshooting custom themes or plugins that are used outside our services. 

Migration: This subscription includes a full migration from self-hosted WordPress setups (posts, media, themes & plugins) as well as simple migration (posts & media) from services like Squarespace or

To subscribe, update your subscription, or manage your other account settings log in to your Showit account.

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