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Learn how to incorporate a search bar on your blog

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You can setup a Search Bar on any Blog Template page so that a user can search for blog related posts or pages.

Things to Know

  • The Search Bar will only function on a live published blog.

  • Placeholder text in the search bar will appear dimmed on the live site (50% Opacity) in most browsers by default.

  • Search will only give results for posts and pages hosted within WordPress, not standard Showit pages.

Creating a Search Bar

  1. Add a paragraph text box to your WordPress template.

  2. Adjust the placement and style of text as you wish the text to appear on both desktop and mobile layouts.

  3. Type text into the box as a placeholder that will appear when the box is empty on the site.

  4. Set the text box as a Search Bar placeholder under the Text Properties > WordPress Placeholder setting.

Extra Code in Your Search Bar <br>

If you are noticing extra code or text inside of the search bar on your live site, reach out to Showit Support and they will be able to remove it for you!

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