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Launching Your Site
Launching Your Site and Migrating a Blog
Launching Your Site and Migrating a Blog

How to have your blog migrated to Showit's hosting before launching

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The following instructions show you how to request to have your current blog migrated and your new Showit site launched! Follow these steps when you are ready for your site and blog to go live.

Please review Blog Migration Details before submitting a request.

Request to Have Your Blog Migrated

Requesting a Blog Migration consists of two main processes: the Domain Setup and the Blog Setup. Make sure you have completed both so that our team will receive your blog setup request.

Domain Setup

  1. In the Showit Design App, click Connect Your Domain in the top left corner.

2. Enter your domain name where you'd like your site and blog to be if you don't yet own a domain, learn how to get one here.

3. Check the boxes for the settings that apply to your current setup and make sure you check the "I currently have a blog at this domain" box.

4. Double-check your details to ensure they are correct. Then provide your phone number and any additional info.

5. Select the blue Proceed to Blog Setup button.

Blog Setup

1. When you click "Proceed to Blog Setup" you will next be brought to this screen. Choose the blog setup type that represents your needs, in this case you would want to choose "Migrate Existing Blog."

2. This screen is simply meant to ensure you know the domain your blog will be available at. Click Next to proceed.

3. Tell us the domain your blog is currently found at. (Pro Tip: Open your blog in another browser tab & copy + paste it over for full web formatting including the https)

4. Fill out the blog request form with your current registrar information (Pro Tip: The #1 thing that delays a blog migration is incorrect login info submitted here, double-check your credentials by logging in before submitting for smooth sailing!)

5. Review your blog migration details, include any last additional notes, and click Submit when you're ready to send your request to the Showit team!

Once you hit Submit, our blog team will take over and let you know when the migration has been finished!

What Happens Next

  1. Our team will migrate your blog for you and reach out once it is completed

  2. Once DNS are pointed log in to the Showit Design App and publish

  3. You are all finished, your site is live and good to go!

Note: If you have requested a blog setup, you will not be able to set any DNS records or have an SSL set for your site until you have been contacted by the blog team with confirmation that your blog has been successfully set up.

Glossary of Terms:

  • Domain Registrar — Where your current blog or website domain is registered. Usually a company like GoDaddy or Squarespace.

  • DNS Records — Domain Name System Records. These are the records that point your domain to your Showit site.

  • SSL Certificate — Secure Sockets Layer Certificate. This just means your site is secure.

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