Launching Your Website (No Blog)

How to have your domain connected to Showit (for users that do not have a blog)

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This article explains how you can manually change your Registrar settings to use Showit as your Direct Host. The steps below are only for users that do not have a blog and do not need a blog at their domain.

Connect Your Domain

1). Inside of Showit, click "Site Settings" or "connect your domain" either will take you to the right place.

2). Click "EDIT" next to "Custom Domain" 

3). Enter your domain name where you'd like your site to be

4). Check the boxes for the settings that apply to your current setup.

5). Confirm your setup details and submit the request!

Now you can point your domain to your Showit site through DNS records in your domain host. You can follow these steps exactly to point your domain to a no blog site. It may take 24- 48 hours to show your site live.

Glossary of Terms:

  • Domain Registrar — Where your current blog or website domain is registered. Usually a company like GoDaddy or Google Domains.

  • DNS Records — Domain Name System Records. These are the records that point your domain to your Showit site.

  • SSL Certificate — Secure Sockets Layer Certificate. This just means your site is secure.

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