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Configuring Your Domain Through cPanel
Configuring Your Domain Through cPanel

How to manually configure your DNS records to connect to Showit for a domain registered using cPanel management

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⚠️ The steps below are only for users that do not have a blog and do not need a blog at their domain. Before continuing make sure that you:

  • Backup any data from your current web host

  • Go through the Domain Setup to submit your domain name to Showit

  • Publish your site

  • Read through the explanation of Hosting

You actually don't need to set up your domain, our team will do it for you! If you'd like the Showit team to help you get your site launched go here. Domain setups are completed Monday – Friday 9am-5pm Pacific time by Showit. Your domain will be configured within 24 hours on business days.

First access your domain registrar and locate your cPanel access information. Your registrar will provide either a direct login link or your login credentials from within your account. You should see something similar to below:

Locate the "Domain" section of your cPanel and find the Zone Editor option. From there locate the domain you wish to configure for Showit and select the "Manage" option to access the DNS management editor. 

You will see your current DNS records listed. Delete the current "A" record associated with your Root Domain (i.e. Then select the "+ Add Record" option and choose the A Record from the list. 

Find your DNS Records

1). Click your name in the left side of the bottom toolbar of the Showit Design App

2). Select the option to Manage Account

3). From your Showit account, click on the Domains option in the top right.

There you will see the records that you will need to set in cPanel.

Once these records have been set they will take a period of time to propagate throughout the web. This propagation window can take anywhere from as short as a 15 minutes to a few hours to connect your domain to your Showit website. In rare cases, it may take up to 48 hours for full propagation.

Note: Be sure to publish your site design from inside the Showit app to ensure your new website design is live when the domain connects.

If you are having issues seeing your website after a few hours, verify the DNS records are correct by using this tool. If all checks out correctly, you may need to try clearing your browser cache following the steps in this article:

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