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Embed Táve forms directly into your Showit site

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Táve contact forms can be embedded into Showit using our Embed Code widget found from clicking on the Element Icon in the Bottom Toolbar of the Design App.

Add a Táve Contact Form to a Page

  1. First determine your secure domain used with Táve by checking your browser URL bar when inside of their dashboard. Táve uses the example of http://tave.com/nicoleklym in their help article.

  2. Add -inline to the end of your Táve Secure Domain to create your Contact Form Link   i.e. http://tave.com/nicoleklym-inline

  3. Add the Embed Code widget to your page and adjust it's placement on both mobile and desktop layouts.

4. Paste your Contact Form Link (i.e. http://tave.com/nicoleklym-inline) into the the iFrame URL field under the Embed Code Widget settings.

5. The form will appear in your design and you can adjust the sizing to make sure the entire form fits within your canvas design on both mobile and desktop.

Note: Steps are based upon Táve's Embedding Contact Form article.

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