Creating Password Protected Pages with MemberSpace

MemberSpace is a third-party platform that allows you to require a membership plan to view content on specific pages of your site

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If you have member-specific content or paywall-protected content, integrating with MemberSpace can help!

Note: MemberSpace is a separate service that will cost an additional fee outside of your Showit payment.

MemberSpace also uses Stripe to handle payments so you will need to connect your Stripe account with MemberSpace.

What is MemberSpace?

Here is how MemberSpace describes its services:

How to Integrate MemberSpace Into Your Showit Site

Once you've subscribed and are ready to set up your membership pages, follow these steps to get everything set up and functioning on your site.

Step 1: Website Details

Fill out the entry form to get your account details all dialed in.

Step 2. Create a Plan

Once you have entered your website details you will move on to creating a plan.

Decide what plans you need for your business model and follow the prompts and to select the options that work best for you. You will be able to add new plans and make changes to your plans later.

Step 3: Install MemberSpace

You are then ready to install MemberSpace on your Showit site. To do so, click on the black Copy button to copy the code provided by MemberSpace and then head to the Showit Design app.

Click on a page, then select the Advanced Settings tab in the right side properties panel. Then click on the Custom Head HTML box and paste your MemberSpace code there.

Repeat this process for every page within your site that will have MemberSpace functionality. MemberSpace will not work on a page that has not had this code installed.

Note: Make sure to publish when you have added this code to all of your pages.

Return to MemberSpace and click on the pink Verify Install button.

Once your installation has been verified, you're good to go! You will now be able to edit your member plans and choose which pages of your site you would like to protect with a membership.

Your Plans & Password Protected Pages

From your dashboard you will be able to make changes to your plans and also select which pages are password protected.

Enter the URLs for the pages you wish to have protected. You can then choose when the page should be available and what membership plans can access each page.


On the customize page you will have a ton of tools to further customize, integrate, change the wording, handle member emails, etc. This is essentially your dashboard to everything you need to change or customize to make this membership option look, feel, and function how you want.

That's it! MemberSpace is now set up and functioning on your site! Your visitors can now sign up for your membership options to gain access to special content not available to non-members.

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