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Invite a designer or content expert to edit your website via their own account

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You can invite additional Showit users to edit your website design by inviting them as a Contributor. A Contributor will have full access to edit your website designs, setup/assign domain, and publish your site.

Note: An active subscription is required for all parties using Contributor Access.

⚠️ Adding access for a user will give them permission to make design changes to any of your site designs (including irreversible changes) through the Showit design app.

Switch Between Accounts

Once you've been given access as a Contributor to another Showit user's account, you will be able to switch between accounts by clicking on the User Settings (bottom left) in the Design App and you'll see a new "Logged in as..." text with the ability to switch between accounts.

Add/Pause/Remove/Access Contributors

All Contributor management is found in the Showit Account by choosing Account > Contributor Access.

Invite a Contributor

To invite a user to contribute to your site, enter their email address associated with their Showit account under the Contributor Access section in your Account Settings.

They'll receive an email confirming they have been given access to your account.

Note: A Contributor must have an active subscription to use Contributor access.

Accessing the Blog Admin

You'll also find quick links for accessing a user's Design App or Blog Admin. The blog admin link will include details about how to access that particular user's blog.

  • Basic Starter Blogs: Can be accessed with your own Showit account and you'll be logged in as your client.

  • Advanced Blogs: Require the owner to create a separate Wordpress user account for you to access the blog admin.

  • No Blog: If not blog is present or ready for use then the Blog Admin button will not appear.

Blog Admin as Contributor

Pause or Remove Contributor Access

You can temporarily or permanently revoke access to your account from a contributor by using the icons found next to each Contributor under the Sharing Access With section.

Remove Yourself as a Contributor

If you wish to remove yourself as a contributor from an account, you may press the Trash icon next to the account you wish to be removed from. If you need access in the future, the owner would need to add you as a contributor again.

Contributor Permissions

Contributors have a limited set of permissions as detailed below.


Contributor Access

View/Edit All Designs

Site Settings

Domain/Blog Setup


Blog/Wordpress Admin

Basic Starter Blog*

Advanced Blog
- Add a New Admin User in Wordpress





Contact Messages


Note: Basic Starter Blog admin can be accessed by the contributor by logging into the blog admin with the contributor's Showit account.

Contributor Access FAQs:

What happens if two people are accessing the same account?

In most cases you can actively work on separate sites, but if you are accessing the same site you may experience saving issues and the app may force you to refresh to create a new active session.

When messaging the Showit Support, who does the message appear to come from?

The messages will arrive from the owner of the current account you are viewing. So if you're viewing a client's account, our team will see the messages coming from that user and replies will also go to that same account, unless you specifically ask to have another email CC'd on updates.

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