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Create a backup file of your WordPress data or use this method to export your content to a new host

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All WordPress sites hosted on Showit servers offer the use of the default WordPress Export Tool. This will generate an XML file that contains data from your website and can be used to import that data to a different WordPress site.

How to Create an XML Export of Your WordPress Data

First, log in to your WordPress admin dashboard. Then navigate to the Tools > Export menu as seen below:

An XML export of your site includes data for posts, images, pages, and other WordPress settings and options.

⚠️ XML files do not include physical image files or other media.

Our Basic Starter Blog subscription tier only offers the option to export your data through an XML export file. A zip file of WordPress media can be requested from Showit support.

For users on our Advanced Blog subscription tier, you have the additional option to use a plugin to export your content or create a backup of your data. Showit does not assist with configurations or maintaining the use of third-party plugins. Common plugins that could be used include:

** Showit designs and templates are exclusive to Showit hosting and are not offered to be exported or used with a different web host.

** As part of Showit services, we maintain 30 days of daily backups for WordPress sites we host. While maintaining a personal backup of your site is generally recommended, we don't recommend creating frequent backups as this can add unnecessary usage on server resources and in some cases may result in exceeding the storage quota we allow for individual sites if backups are stored locally in your WordPress files.

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