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If you need help with DNS configuration to connect your domain to Showit, read this article!

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If you've already been given your DNS records by our team and are attempting to get them set in your domain registrar account, but having trouble, here are the next steps to get help.

If you need instructions on how to set your DNS read here.

If you have already tried setting DNS and are having trouble, read below.

First, take a full-page screenshot of your domain's DNS records in the domain account. Showit support will need this as they do not have access to your domain registrar account.

Note: Please DO NOT ever send usernames and passwords to Showit support via our customer chat. This is to keep you and your accounts secure, a screenshot is all we need to help direct you.

Example of a full-page screenshot of DNS records:
(not sure how to take a screenshot? Here's how on Mac or Windows)

Then our team can direct you as to exactly which records need to be set to which values!

This will be the quickest and easiest way to get help from Showit support if needed when setting up your DNS records.

Also, if you haven't already check out these specific DNS step-by-step tutorials we have for most major domain registrars.


How can I find out who my Domain Registrar is?

Check out MxToolbox . Simply set the search type to "DNS Lookup," search up your domain name, and it will find your domain registrar!

How can I find the right DNS records I need to input?

You can find them in your Showit account settings. If you're still having trouble, just reach out to support!

I'm having trouble setting my DNS records. What can I do?

You can reach out to the support team of your Domain Registrar and they will help you set them. Or, take a screenshot of your current records and send them to Showit support. They'll help you from there!

Connecting your domain with:

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