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How to Connect Your Domain From GoDaddy to Showit
How to Connect Your Domain From GoDaddy to Showit

A step-by-step guide on setting your DNS with GoDaddy to get your site live

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These are the steps for how to connect your domain to your Showit site if you are using GoDaddy as your domain registrar.

This article will explain:

  • How to find your DNS records inside of GoDaddy

  • Where to find the correct DNS values in your Showit account

  • How to set DNS records in GoDaddy

  • How to troubleshoot locked records

  • The next steps to take once your DNS have been set

If you need to add or migrate a blog to your Showit site you can do so here:

⚠️ If you are wanting to migrate a blog you cannot switch your DNS records until our Showit blog team has finished migrating your blog.

If you do switch your DNS records before your blog is migrated, our blog team will be unable to migrate your blog. Once the migration is complete, our team will message you and give you the necessary DNS records.

Manually Configure Your DNS Records

You will need to manually set your DNS records within your registrar. But don't worry! We have all of the info that you need to get your site live and secure here.

Video Tutorial

Getting Started

To get started, you'll want to log in to your GoDaddy account where, you purchased the domain. After you have logged in, select your name in the upper right and then click on
My Products.

This will bring you to the products page where you'll see a list of all the domains that you have purchased. To the right of the domain that you are going to use for your Showit site, click the button that says DNS.

There you'll see a list of all the DNS records that are currently set for your domain.

The records here will need to be updated. You will find the DNS records that need to be changed in your Showit Account. Once you have those records, make the appropriate changes here in GoDaddy and you should be set!

Where to Find Your DNS Records

Note: If you have a blog tier Showit subscription, you will need to request a blog setup before you make changes to your DNS records.

Or find your DNS records manually by following these steps:

1). Click your name in the lower left corner of the Showit Design App.
2). Choose Manage Account.
3). Click Your DNS Records below your domain.

Note: If you see a message in your account screen that says "Your website doesn't appear to be connected to Showit," go into the Design App and ensure you have clicked “Connect Your Domain” in the upper left of the Design App to submit your domain.

This will take you to your domains screen within Showit. Under Your DNS Records are the DNS record values that you will want to apply within your Hover account.

  • If you have a Green Note, that record is good and doesn't need changed.

  • If you have a Red Note, that record is wrong and need to be deleted.

  • If you have a Yellow Record, that record needs to be set or added.

Apply Your DNS Records in Your Domain Registrar

You can work with your GoDaddy customer support to do apply your records by giving them the record values you find in your Showit Account, or reference the video above for instructions on setting up these records within your GoDaddy account.

Once you have these unique DNS record values from your Showit account, you will want to make sure they are set within GoDaddy. You can add, edit, and delete records here.

⚠️ Make sure there are no other A Records named @ and no other CNAME Records named www

If there are, delete those records so the new DNS records will apply.

Locked Records

🔒 If you encounter any A Record @ that is locked you'll need to contact GoDaddy support and have them unlock/delete that record.

Next Steps

Congratulations on setting your DNS records! There are just a few more items left before your site can be live and secure.


Once you have set up your DNS records, the changes that were made may not update immediately. While these changes can happen in a matter of minutes or hours, it can take up to 48 hours to fully propagate throughout the internet worldwide. So if you aren't seeing your site live right away, give it another few hours, and refresh the page.

Secure Your Site With an SSL

Once your DNS records have been set within your domain registrar, you will need to have an SSL set for your site in order for it to be secure. Your SSL will be set differently depending on what subscription you have with Showit.

SSL for Non-Blog Subscription

If you do not have a blog included with your Showit subscription and you have just finished setting your DNS records within your domain registrar, you can set your SSL within your Showit Account.

To do so, simply navigate to your Showit Account and then click on the Domains option in the top right corner.

On your Domains screen, click on the button that says Check Site.

This Check Site button will run a new check to see if your DNS records have been set correctly, and if they have, it will automatically apply your SSL to your site!

SSL for Blog Subscription

If you have either the Basic or the Advanced Showit Blog Subscription and your blog has been set up, your DNS records have been set and have had time to propagate, your SSL should automatically set itself.

Occasionally, something may happen to prevent your SSL from properly setting, or you may receive a 1001 error message when you try to load your site. If this happens, don't worry! We've got your back. Reach out to the Showit Support Team and request that they set your SSL or clear that 1001 error for you.


If your DNS records are set in your domain registrar and your SSL is active for your site, all that's left is to publish, and let all of the hard work you put into your site to pay off. Enjoy your amazing new site!


Where can I find my current DNS records?

Go to your Domain Registrar (where you purchased your domain).

Where can I find the right DNS records I need to input?

You can find them in your account settings in Showit. Just click your name in the lower left corner, choose "manage account," then "Your DNS Records." If you get stuck here, just ask support!

How do I apply the right DNS records?

Follow along here. Or, you can ask your domain host customer support to help you input them!

How long will it take for my DNS records to propagate?

Usually within a couple hours, but in rare cases up to 48 hours. If it takes longer than this, just contact support!

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