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Set Up Text Message Notifications
Set Up Text Message Notifications

Never miss a contact form message

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We suggest setting up text message notifications so that you never miss a contact form submission. You may configure up to 2 mobile phone numbers to receive notifications every time a contact form is submitted.

Set Up Text Message Alerts

1). Click on your name in the bottom left of the Design App to bring up the Account Settings and choose Manage Account, or login at Showit Account.

2). Click on Notification Settings

3). Under the Text (SMS) section select your country and type in your mobile phone number and then click Add.

4). Check your mobile phone for a confirmation code.

5). Enter the confirmation code and click confirm.

6). Confirm notifications are working by manually testing your contact form on your site.

7). Save the Showit Robot's phone number to your phone's address book.

Message Notification Limit

There is a limit to how many SMS and email notifications that you can receive from a Showit contact form in one day. For more information, check out this article here.

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