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Multilingual Sites

How to make a site multilingual in Showit

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If you are wanting to make a site design that has multiple language options for your audience there are some tools built in to help make that happen.

HTML Language Attribute

Inside the Showit editor, you will have the ability to set the default tag for your entire site or on a per-page basis.

To set this tag for the site, go to the Site Settings panel by selecting Site Settings in the top left of the editor.

To edit the tag for a specific page of your site, select the page you are working on, and then in the right panel click Advanced Settings.

Here you will have the option to adjust the page language away from the default site tag to be something different.

Google also has a built-in language detector and will suggest the page to be auto-translated for the user if the users' primary language is different than the language used on your site. Keep in mind the translation may differ from the exact wording you are hoping for.

Lastly, there are third-party tools out there that you can use to translate the site. You can typically use these tools as an embed on your site.

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