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Transferring a Design to a Client
Transferring a Design to a Client

Learn the process of transferring a design

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As a designer you may create your client's site under your own account and then plan to transfer the design into a client's account prior to launch. Here are a few tips for this process.

Tips when first designing in your own account:

  • A design must be transferred into it's own account in order to have a Custom Domain assigned to it. Showit supports 1 custom domain per account so your clients will need their own account.

  • Stay organized with your media files (images, icons, videos) on your local computer. On transfer of a design, they WILL be included INSIDE the design but they will not populate in your client's Media library. You'll want to plan to re-upload those files in your client's Media so that they have the files for future changes.

  • Once a design has been transferred, it will no longer reference the original design. All future changes must be made inside of your client's account.

The Transfer Process:

  1. Open the design in your account.

  2. Follow these steps for sharing a design and install it in your client's account

  3. Add all of your project media files to the client's Media library so that you and your client have it available for any changes.

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