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The licensing of fonts in distributed projects is important. We highly suggest the use of the built-in Google Fonts list because they are freely available for use on commercial projects. But if you do decide to use a custom imported font, you'll want to make sure that you hold the appropriate license for redistribution of that font within your project.

Google Fonts - Free

The entire catalog of Google Fonts are available right within Showit. You can also visually browse the catalog at

How Fonts Work in Showit Designs

  • Custom fonts WILL transfer within a design as the uploaded WOFF format.

  • The font WILL act as a full functioning font within the Showit design (editable text).

  • The custom font WILL NOT appear in the user's media library (only in Design Settings).

  • The font WILL NOT be available for download within Showit.

Licensing a Custom Font

Even if you find a font on a site like Creative Market with a Commercial license option, it's always best to message the font owner to determine if it can be used within Showit under a license option they offer.

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