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Submitting a Client's Site Launch/Migration
Submitting a Client's Site Launch/Migration

Steps for designers to follow if handling a client's site launch

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The Designer Support team is happy to help you keep track of a client's site launch/blog migration as long as you connect with the team at the start.  Below are the steps we ask you follow when launching a client's account.

Site Launch/Blog Migration (at time of setup request)

  1. Submit for the domain setup (and/or blog migration) directly in the client's account.  Include a note at the last step about it being a design client and your email.

  2. After the submission, email (or message us from inside your designer account in Showit) and include the following details:
    – Request to be CC'd on client's launch messages
    – Include Client's Showit email address
    – Anything unique about the setup?

  3. You'll get an email confirming that you've been added to the client's support thread. Please notify our team if you haven't received that copy of the client's setup email after our team has acknowledged your request.

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