Managing Your Media

How to organize or delete files in your media library.

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Organizing Your Media Library

Upload all of your photos, logo, background videos & custom font files to the media library. Files can be organized into folders.

Here is a list of file formats appropriate for each type of file.

Pro Tips:

  • Shift-click to select a group of images in a row from the media library

  • Ctrl/Command-Click to select multiple images in any order

  • Option/Alt-Click to immediately add the image to the stage or if you’re in the gallery manage images view it will directly add it to the image list.

Deleting Files

If you find that you’ve uploaded files to your media gallery that you no longer need you can easily delete them.

  1. Open your media gallery.

  2. Click on the upper left hand corner of the file(s) you would like to delete (a checkmark will be placed on the file(s).

  3. Click the red Delete Selected button.

Note: Be careful not to delete any file(s) that you have included on a canvas within a page of your site. Files will no longer appear on your site once deleted from the media gallery.

If you see files within your media gallery that appear as a red box you will want to delete those file and re-upload them into your media gallery. The appearance of a red box indicates that the file didn’t complete the upload process.

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