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How to customize SEO settings for your blog

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Whether you are on our basic starter or advanced blog type with Showit, you can adjust your SEO settings within your blog itself.

Note: The process is slightly different based on which subscription tier you are on so be sure to follow the instructions below based on your own subscription type.

To adjust SEO settings for your blog you'll want to use the Yoast SEO plugin.

Basic Blog Tier Subscription

The Yoast SEO plugin will come already installed in your blog when our team sets it up, but you'll need to activate it. To do so simply log into your blog and navigate to Plugins in the left sidebar. Then activate the Yoast SEO plugin.

Advanced Blog Tier Subscription

If you're on our advanced blog tier you'll need to install the Yoast plugin first. Simply log into your blog and go to Plugins in the left sidebar and search for the Yoast SEO plugin, then install it in your blog. If you have any trouble accomplishing this step, please contact our support team from inside the Showit app.  

Configure Your Blog's SEO Settings With Yoast

Once the Yoast plugin is installed/activated you will see a Yoast option show up in the left sidebar as shown below. Hover over it and then select General, this is where you will go to configure your blog's general SEO settings. 

Use the setup wizard provided to configure your blog's general SEO settings. 

After configuring your general settings you're almost finished! Yoast also provides SEO customization options for each and every post you create in your blog. Simply go to Posts in the left sidebar to access your posts. Then create a new or open an existing post and scroll down below the content area. There you will see options to dial in the SEO for each post using the tools provided by Yoast. 

There you have it! You now have the power of Yoast at your fingertips to adjust your SEO in the blog as needed so clients and curious minds across the web can find your content and engage with it. Happy Yoasting!

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