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URL Redirects in WordPress

Making Redirects in WordPress with your Showit website

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Also Available: URL Redirects in Showit

If your blog is hosted under your main domain you can set up redirects via your WordPress admin interface with the help of a plugin. We suggest using the Redirection plugin shown in the steps below.

Note: This plugin comes pre-installed for Showit users with a Basic Blog Subscription. For users with the Advanced Blog Subscription, you will first need to install and activate the redirection plugin.

Create a Redirect

  1. To install the plugin go to your WordPress account and Plugins > Add New. Search for "Redirection" and click to Install, then to Activate the plugin.

  2. Under the Tools tab in the left side panel, select Redirection.

  3. Type the full URL for your Source URL (the link no longer active) and then type in the Target URL (where you want the user to land).

  4. Click to Add Redirect.

Detect 404 Errors and Set Up Redirects

The Redirection plugin also allows you to view a log of all URLs requested from your domain with no associated page.

If you recently made a change to your site you may want to periodically check the 404s section in Redirection to see if any important pages should be setup with a redirect.

Pro Tip: Only redirect important pages that may have recently changed URLs. You may see 404 errors for pages you never had, don't worry about redirects for those.

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