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Create a Blog Category Template

Add a blog category template to display a list of posts belonging to a selected category

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You can create a Category Template page that will display all of the blog posts within the a single category.

Create Your Category Template

When creating a category template design it's recommended you create a duplicate of your Blog (Post List) template. The Category Template will function similarly to the Blog Template by displaying multiple WordPress blog posts and using a pagination canvas at the bottom. From there, you can make minor adjustments to this page in order to set a live Category Template.

Duplicate the Blog Page

Duplicate your Blog template and rename it Category to help you identify the template. 

Set a WordPress Template

Navigate over to the Template Info tab and choose the Category option from the WordPress Template drop-down menu.

Add a Category Title

Add the Category Title placeholder to a canvas at the top of your page. The canvas that the Category Title placeholder is on should have a WordPress setting of Static Content.

You can make any design adjustments you wish and publish the updates! This might include changing the layout to a Side-by-Side post layout.

Link to a Category Within Your Design

If you would like to create a link to a specific category within your Showit site, you can learn more about that in this article here:

Create a Custom Layout for a Specific Category

If you would like to create a unique design for a category that is different from the rest, check out this article here:

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