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Layer Locking

Lock specific layers/elements inside of Showit so they can't be accidentally moved

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You can lock any individual elements or "layers" in Showit with a simple click! This is useful if you have elements set where you want that you wouldn't want to accidentally bump or move in the design process.

Another great use case is if you have design elements on top of an image or shape in the background. By locking the shape or image in the background you can easily select the elements on top and rearrange them as desired without accidentally selecting the background image.

How to Lock a Layer

To lock any element in the Design App, simply navigate to that element in the left side Site Panel. Then, under the Page tab, select the specific canvas that element is found on. Hover over the element and you will see a lock icon appear to the right. Choose this option to lock the layer.

Locked layers will outline in gray instead of the usual blue boundary box and a lock icon will display in the upper left corner of the element.

Unlocking a Layer

If you need to unlock an element, simply click the lock icon either in the left side Site Panel or on the top left corner of the element itself.

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